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New Voice Tech Events

January 17th 2021: 58th #VoiceLunch Global - Worldwide (Link).

January 20th 2021: #VoiceLunchNL - Worldwide (Link).

January 22nd 2021: #VoiceLunchUS - Worldwide (Link).

January 27th 2021: #VoiceLunchES - Worldwide (Link).

January 27th 2021: #VoiceLunchFR - Worldwide (Link).

January 28th 2021: #VoiceLunchUK - Worldwide (Link).

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Special discounts

Use code BOTS2021 to sign up for free for The European Chatbot & Conversational AI Summit 2021.

Early Bird until November 1st 2020 (but still available) for Project Voice 2021.

Early Bird until February 1st 2021 for Conversation Design Summit 2021.

Super Early Bird until April 1st 2021 for Digital Book World 2021.

New Replays

Voice for Equality

January 14th 2021 Bianca Rose Phillips

Panel discussion with Lisa Falkson, Noelle Silver, Theo Lau & Audrey Arbeeny.

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VoiceSpark Live!

January 13th 2021 Voice Spark

New episode of Voice Spark Live with David Beach.

Watch all the Episodes on YouTube.

This Week In Voice LIVE!

January 14th 2021 This Week In Voice

Listen to Bradley Metrock from Score Publishing and Emerson Sklar from Bespoken.

Watch all the Episodes on Crowdcast.

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