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New Voice Tech Events

May 20th 2021: All About Voice: Voice & Media - Worldwide (Link).

May 20th 2021: Fix It Hour with Nico - Worldwide (Link).

May 20th 2021: What we've learned from teaching machines to chat (and users!) - Worldwide (Link).

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Early Bird until June 19th 2021 for Voice-Connected Business Europe 2021.

Super Early Bird until July 31st 2021 for Project Voice.

New Replays

Voice Spark Live

May 13th 2021 Voice Spark

Voice Spark Live with Ian Utile, Nick, Julia, AJ, Ben & Emily.

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Taking Turns

May 6th 2021 CoCoHub

Janaina talks about what's important in a banking chatbot - and why testing is so crucial.

Watch all the Episodes on YouTube.

Bots and AI Meetup

May 7th 2021 Bots and AI NYC Meetup

Can Bots Sell? Avoid These Pitfalls and Get Sales Results.

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Rasa Chats

May 5th 2021 Rasa

Talk with Dr. Su Lin Blodgett about who NLP technology works for, fairness and access.

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The Future is Spoken

May 4th 2021 Digital Assistant Academy

Episode 34: Evangelizing and Testing Voice Applications.

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Two Voice Devs

May 6th 2021 Two Voice Devs

Episode 41: Mark and Allen discuss some of their tips for figuring out what is wrong when.

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