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Alexa in Canada

Alexa in Canada: The Voice Experience by Teri Fisher

Teri Fisher, from the Alexa in Canada Blog and VoiceFirst network, reveals all of his top Amazon Alexa skills, strategies, news, power tips and tricks for Canadians. Discover how you can get the most out of Alexa’s voice first service so you can have the time and freedom to make your life more organized, relaxed, stress-free, entertaining, and fun!

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All Things Audio

All Things Audio by Madalyn and Suze

All Things Audio is a weekly podcast recorded live on Twitter Spaces every Wednesday at 3pm ET / 8pm BST.
Twitter marketing expert Madalyn Sklar and voice tech and audio specialist Suze Cooper, talk about the week's developments in social audio.

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Bixby Developers Chat

Bixby Developers Chat by Roger Kibbe

Learn about Bixby and conversational AI on the Bixby Developers Chat Podcast. Join host Roger Kibbe as he talks with guests about voice, AI, Bixby, technology innovation and where the exciting Voice industry is going.

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Conversations on AI

Conversation Design

Conversation Design is aimed at getting together Industry experts who open up about their learnings and experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

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Conversations with Hans van Dam

Conversations with Hans van Dam by Hans van Dam

A show on advancing trust and communication between humans and AI Assistants.

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Conversations Worth Millions

Conversations Worth Millions by Roy Murphy

The worlds most valuable emerging tech podcast. Learn from the experts in conversational AI, voice, chat and emerging technology. Automation is the future of business, get the knowledge you need, right now.

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Design for Voice

Design for Voice by Jeremy Wilken

Learn how to build quality voice experiences from industry leaders and pioneers with Design for Voice. The goal is to help designers, developers, and strategists with understanding what makes for good design practices and how to bring them to life.

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Echo Tips

Echo Tips by David Ward

Brief educational episodes highlighting and demonstrating features of the Amazon Echo. Commands for Alarms, Timers, Phone Calling, reading books, and much more are all laid out by New Vision's technical instructor David Ward. These episodes are especially helpful for new ones to the platform and seniors who are learning how to use their new device.

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El interior de Alexa

El interior de Alexa by Xavi Portilla Edo (Spanish)

A vision of the world of Alexa from the inside. In this podcast we will talk about the most relevant news, we will make reviews and above all, we will talk about programming. The nexus of all these topics will always be the same, Alexa.

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Future Ear Radio

Future Ear Radio by Dave Kemp

Frequent updates on the developing worlds of hearables, hearing aids, consumer audio and voice technology. Guests of the show include experts with backgrounds in audiology, consumer technology, audio, voice tech, biometric monitoring, and more. The goal of Future Ear Radio is to connect the trends converging around our ears.

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Inside Voice

Inside Voice by Keri Roberts, Pete Erickson and James Poulter

This podcast is about showcasing the creative, inclusive community in voice technology with a focus on educational and innovative content. You'll hear interesting conversations with some of the top leaders in the voice tech space as well as up and coming people in voice plus, behind the scenes of VOICE events online and offline.

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L'Atelier Google Home France

L'Atelier Google Home France by Laurent Mariani (French)

Listen to the latest News about Google Home and Google Nest speakers. Find each week a summary of the news, and the advice of the week.

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Open Dialogues

Open Dialogues by Dr. Ronald Ashri and Maaike Coppens

Dr. Ronald Ashri (Founder, OpenDialog) and Maaike Coppens (Chief Design Officer, OpenDialog) share their take on conversation design, conversational applications, conversational AI and much more with featured expert guests.

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Simon et Guy démystifient la technologie

Simon et Guy démystifient la technologie by Guy & Simon (French)

The podcast that guides you through the world of technology. Create your first product incorporating artificial intelligence, using voice interfaces, with the help of Simon Landry and Guy Tonye.

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Sound In Marketing

Sound In Marketing by Jeanna Isham

There is a whole world of opportunity in marketing that has not yet been fully realized; sound. I break it down and share what I find fascinating and useful so that you can better market your products and brands.Dreamr Productions creates sonic branding and sound identities for companies, brands, and events.

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The Conversation Design Podcast

The Conversation Design Podcast by Botsociety

A podcast about conversation design, voice UX and chatbot design. Every month, we talk with experts in the field about their creative process, their background, their insights, and their challenges. If you are thinking about designing a voice interface, a chatbot, or if you are simply interested, this is the right place to be.

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The Future is Spoken

The Future is Spoken by Shyamala Prayaga

The Future is Spoken is a voice tech podcast covering all aspects of the industry, from conversational strategy and design, through to interfaces, analytics, ethics, privacy, and career planning. The Future is Spoken is the podcast for the Digital Assistant Academy.

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The Sonic Voices Multicast

The Sonic Voices Multicast by Witlingo

A monthly podcast that lets listeners hear what several pioneers in the field of human language technology, voice first, audio, sonic branding, and other adjacent specialties, are up to. Each pioneer will speak for about 1 to 3 minutes to fill in the audience on what they are doing and thinking about as they push forward with building for a new emerging Sonic world.

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The Voice of Healthcare

The Voice of Healthcare by Dr. Matt Cybulsky and Dr. Reid Maclellan

The Voice of Healthcare explores the growing impact of technology in healthcare (e.g., AI, voice-first, telehealth, venture capital). Co-hosted by Dr. Matt Cybulsky and Dr. Reid Maclellan; executive produced by Bradley Metrock.

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The Voicebot Podcast

The Voicebot Podcast by Bret Kinsella

The Voicebot Podcast is about the intersection of voice and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. It is a weekly look at trends, founders and newsmakers and supplements the daily research, analysis and news.

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This Week In Voice

This Week In Voice by Bradley Metrock

Each week's most relevant and interesting news stories in voice technology, discussed by a panel of experts. Hosted by Bradley Metrock (CEO, Score Publishing) and part of the VoiceFirst.FM podcast network.

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Two Voice Devs

Two Voice Devs by Mark and Allen

Mark Tucker and Allen Firstenberg talk about the latest news in the VoiceFirst world from a developer point of view.

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Voice First Health

Voice First Health by Teri Fisher

The podcast for all the latest news, interviews, projects, and research, at the intersection of healthcare and voice-first technologies. Hosted by Dr. Teri Fisher, a practising physician by day and voice tech enthusiast by night.

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Voice in Education

Voice in Education by Julie Daniel Davis

An educator trying to discern how best to utilize voice interface in education that creates meaningful opportunities for teaching and learning.

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Voice Spark Liv‪e‬

Voice Spark Liv‪e‬ by Ben, Emily, and Nick

This podcast will provide you with helpful tips on how to use your Smart Speaker. It will also provide reviews of Alexa skills, devices, and developer tips to help you navigate the voice first world.

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Voice Tech Podcast

Voice Tech Podcast by Carl Robinson

Listen to conversations with voice technology experts, and boost your knowledge and technical skills. Learn from #voicefirst professionals about voice interfaces, voice assistants, chatbots, alexa, machine learning, data science and AI. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify, as well as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby and more.

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Voice This!

Voice This! by Voice Tech Global

Voice This! is a podcast by Voice Tech Global educating novice practitioners on the world of conversational AI through the voices of the greats.

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VUX World

VUX World by Kane Simms and Dustin Coates

Learn how to implement voice first strategy and create world-class voice experiences with VUX World. Every week, we speak to industry thought leaders and practitioners on the three core pillars of voice: strategy, design and development. We share the deep details of how they do what they do, so that you can do what you do, better.

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