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Amazon Alexa - Designing for Conversation

English Online Free

The material in this course is appropriate for complete beginners with no knowledge of code and experienced developers alike.

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CareerFoundry - Voice User Interface Design

English Online $1,615

Discover everything you need to know about designing interactions between voice assistants and their users.

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Conversation Design Institute

Conversation Design Institute - Conversation Designer

English Online $1,749

Learn the Conversation Design Institute workflow with human-centricity, sample dialogue, flowchart design, WOZ testing, and long-tail design.

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Digital Assistant Academy

Digital Assistant Academy - Voice Interaction Design

English Online $1,997 - $3,697

The Voice Interaction Design course gives you the essential fundamentals of voice interaction and conversation design.

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Sound in Marketing

Sound’s Power and Influence in Marketing

English Online $275

Learn the origins of sound, advertising, sound’s role in decision making and buying power, and how your brain reacts and responds to sound.

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Voxable - Introduction to Conversational Design

English Online $299

Learn to design voice experiences for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby, and the Web.

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UX Academy

UX Academy - Voice Designer

English Online £1050

Gain a holistic understanding of voice user interface best practices and learn how to code, publish and maintain a voice skill.

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Voice Tech Global

Voice Tech Global - Advanced Course

English Online 1,499 CAD

Take the Advanced Conversational Interface Design Course, designed for people who already have some practical experience with conversation design.

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